It has been far too long since I updated my blog.  I have enjoyed many maildays over the last three months, and I will break them up into two posts.  This post will focus on the memorabilia maildays, which have brought with them some amazing items!

Around Christmas, an eBay seller listed a Justin Duchscherer autographed 2008 All Star game jersey and a Justin Duchscherer game used hat!  Needless to say, I jumped all over that lot.  It turns out that the seller lived only a couple miles away from me!  I got a knock on my door literally within hours of paying for the purchase, and it was the seller with the jersey and hat.  You can view the jersey here, and the hat here. These are two incredible pieces to add to my Justin Duchscherer collection.  I thought I would focus solely on his cards, but I've slowly accumulated some cool pieces of memorabilia over the last couple years. On top of the jersey and hat, I also picked a Justin Duchscherer autographed Official Major Leage Baseball, which you can view here

I also picked up some memorabilia items for my Manny Pacquiao collection.  If/when I am able to set up a man-room in the house (assuming my wife ever allows it, ha), I want to have a large framed Pacquio piece featuring items from the fight against Miguel Cotto that I attended with my brother back in December 2009. So, I picked up an autographed Time Magazine featuring Pacquiao on the cover, which you can view here.  I also picked up a couple of autographed 8x10s of Pacquiao pummeling Cotto.  I love that Pacquiao signs so frequently because it keeps his autograph prices very reasonable.

The final piece of memorabilia could very well be the centerpiece of my personal collection for quite some time.  My good friend in Houston, Erik, let me know in advance that he was going to attend the Tri-Star show back in January.  I went online and saw that Mike Tyson was going to be signing at the show.  As a big boxing fan, I have always wanted a Mike Tyson autograph.  I spent some time thinking about what I would want him to sign.  A few days passed and I hadn't thought about it at all, when I came across my old school Nintendo NES and Punch-Out game.  Bingo!  That was it.  I sent Erik some cash via PayPal and he purchased a clean copy of the classic NES game, Mike Tyson's Punchout, along with the ticket for Tyson's autograph.  Here is the beautiful result!  Erik got a picture with Iron Mike, and told me that people waiting in line with him were commenting about how cool it was to get the game signed.  I couldn't agree more.  Thanks, Erik!

My next post will discuss my card maildays, including two Duchscherer 1/1s!


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