I have had several maildays over the last few weeks, comprising of awesome additions to various collections.  First, I traded a Mark Grace TTM auto to a Grace collector for a Justin Duchscherer 2004 Leaf Gold Press Proof /25.  That is the fourth copy (out of 25) that I have added to my collection.  It is always fun to add SSP cards of Justin Duchscherer.

I added a 1978 Topps Pete Maravich in PSA 8 to my Maravich PSA 8 collection.  You can view it here.  That leaves only the 1975, 1977, and 1980 Topps base cards in PSA 8 to complete that collection.  They should be pretty easy to find and inexpensive.  I will be very happy to have that set completed as Maravich is by far my favorite basketball player and the vintage cards look so great in PSA slabs.

The next big mailday came courtesy of my friend, Erik, out in Houston.  Erik is selling some cards for the owner of his LCS, and I purchased three Rickey Henderson 1980 Topps rookie cards!  The three cards are in solid shape and I will definitely use the nicest one to get Rickey Henderson's signature next time I catch him at a card show.

The following mailday brought the crown jewel of my Manny Pacquiao collection ... his 2011 Allen & Ginter autographed rookie card!  These autographed cards were going for about $900 when they first came out, so I thought owning one would always be a pipe dream.  You can view the card here.  However, I was able to pick one up for less than 40% of that initial price.  I now have the Pacquiao base, mini, mini A&G back, mini black, mini Bazooka back /25, glossy /999, code card, relic, and auto from the 2011 A&G set!  I just need to find the NNO /50 and Silk /10 to complete my Pacquiao Allen & Ginter collection.

The most recent mailday consisted of a very cool Hank Gathers item in the form of a 1989-90 LMU media guide.  You can view the front here and the back here.  It is a thick media guide with many fun facts and stats previewing that great LMU team.  It is yet another cool piece in my Gathers collection.

As for upcoming events, I am looking forward to the impending release of 2012 Bowman Draft as there is a new player (finally!) that I plan on collecting.  I just need to decide how deep to go as I may choose to do a little investing in this player in hopes of flipping for a profit.  I am also closing in on a Hank Gathers cut autograph!  If I did acquire it (Christmas bonus, perhaps?), I would like to repackage it using the amazing custom design skills of a member of the Freedom Cardboard forums.  A custom Gathers auto booklet would be one of the pinnacles of my collection.


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