Well, I have let another two months go by without posting on my blog.  At least I have a pretty good reason for that.  My family just moved to a new home and I have been spending all my free time working on home projects and unpacking boxes.  Still, I managed to find time to spend more money on cards ;)  I have a number of new pickups that are wonderful additions to my various collections.

Starting with my Justin Duchscherer collection, I continue to pick up extra copies of short-printed cards, including a 2011 Topps Black /60, a 2007 UD Spectrum three color patch /50, and a 2001 Donruss Hawaii /10!  Oh, yeah, and I picked up this 1/1 beauty.  2008 Topps Update Platinum 1/1!  That brings my total to ten 1/1s.  I also just purchased what will be eleventh 1/1 when it arrives from Japan --- 2009 Topps In The Name Letter "C"!  I'll post a scan of it when it arrives.  I also picked up two cool pieces of memorabilia in the form of Justin Duchscherer's opening day locker nameplates with MLB hologram authenticators!  The first one here is from Opening Day 2005 at Baltimore.  The second one here is the Oakland Athletics' 2005 home opener versus Toronto!  I am really pleased with these pickups and they are quite cool in person.

With regards to my Kobe Bryant SP/Panini PSA 10 collection, I made some major progress over the last couple months.  I picked up this 1997 SP PSA 10 to complete the entire SP base run from 1996 to 2008.  I also picked up two Panini base for 2010 and 2011, which only leaves the newly-released 2012 Panini base (and, of  course, any base from future seasons played by Kobe).  It is nice to be totally caught up on my Kobe collection and I was lucky to find that 1997 SP!

I was able to pick up one of the last two cards remaining for my Rickey Henderson base Topps PSA collection.  It is the 2000 Topps in PSA 10 here.  That leaves only the 2002 Topps remaining ... which I just purchased online in PSA 9!  It is on the way to me, and I was very lucky to find it as the population report on PSA shows only 14 graded cards for the 2002 Topps.  That will wrap up my PSA RIckey Henderson run, though I may try upgrading certain cards to a higher grade over time.  One collection complete!

Here is the 1979 Topps Pete Maravich in PSA 8 that arrived a couple weeks ago.  That brings my total to 5 out of 11 cards for the Maravich basic Topps collection, with the most difficult cards (1970-72) already in my collection.  I'll probably continue to pick the rest up slowly over the coming months.  I love adding to my Pete Maravich collection.  I am also rapidly expanding my Manny Pacquiao Allen & Ginter collection.  I am awaiting the arrival of the relic card and the Bazooka /25, buth purchased in the last 24 hours!  I would like to eventually add his autographed Ginter card, the Ginter Silk /10, and the Ginter NNO /50.  Manny Pacquiao's cards are pretty expensive, so I am just focusing on his true rookie Allen & Ginter cards. 

I'll have more scans shortly and I'm happy to be posting on this blog again!


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