I had a pretty good time at the San Francisco TriStar show on Saturday.  There were a lot of dealers set up with a nice variety of cards.  However, I am very particular with my collections (as you know), so I didn't know what I would find that fits into those collections.  I was impressed by the amount of vintage cards available.  Baseball, basketball, football, boxing, etc.  There were some awesome, old cards at the show.  There was a ton of Giants and 49ers stuff.  A ton!  I don't collect either team, so that probably cut maybe a third of the tables off immediately. 

I was sorely disappointed at the lack of A's stuff available.  So, so disappointed.  The only card I saw (outside of a few Cespedes base cards priced at $30 a pop) was a sick Reggie Jackson Triple Threads 1/1 Auto Patch booklet.  Beautiful card, but way out of my price range.    After touring the room a couple times, I started alking with a very nice dealer who had a large display of 1951 Bowman.  I told him I had $200 on me and that I was buying low-grade 1951 Bowman in quantity.  We talked and negotiated for a minute, then settled on a price as a I thumbed through his cards.  In the end, I picked up 54 cards for my $200 (under $4 each).  Most of the cards are in decent shape, too.  Only a few were at the low-end of quality that I would accept.  Scan 1Scan 2Scan 3Scan 4Scan 5Scan 6Scan 7Scan 8Scan 9Scan 10

I am very pleased with that purchase.  I'm thinking that card shows would be the best way to put the bulk of the 1951 Bowman set together.  I just bring my list of what I'm looking for, and I can knock out a bunch of cards for a few dollars each.  It's hard to find decent lots on eBay.  I'm up to 78/324 of the set now (24.07%).  I also checked in with PSA to see what the prices would be (for a non-member) to get a few cards graded.  It was going to be $15 each for my three base Rickey Henderson cards, and $25 each for PSA/DNA on a few TTM autos I have.  That was a little rich for my blood, so I decided to pass.  I'd rather spend that money on cards, not grading.  Soon enough, I'll splurge for the grading and PSA/DNA package.   I also picked up the 2011 Topps Update Set and 2011 BCPP111-220 set for $30 total.  Those will go in binders and help me towards my 2011 total set completion project.

All in all, it was an awesome time and I can't wait for next year's TriStar!


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