The Justin Duchscherer card search is not going well.  There is nothing new out there at this time, and it is a bit frustrating.  I am still only 16 cards away from completing my non-1/1 collection, and I am hopeful that something will surface at the Tri Star show in a few weeks.  I just finished up three fantasy baseball drafts today (nerd alert!), so I'll take some time tonight to continue the search and update my posts on various card collecting websites.

On the bright side, I did make a purchase today for some pretty cool Justin Duchscherer memorabilia.  I bought two passes to the 2009 National Sports Convention with Justin Duchscherer Upper Deck cards embedded in the passes!  One pass is for "Guest/Media", and the other pass is for "VIP".  They will be fun additions to my Duchscherer collection.  I try to stay away from memorabilia because I just don't have the storage space, but it will be easy to find room for these passes.  Plus, I have been messaging with the seller, and he may have various other Justin Duchscherer passes.  I'm looking forward to receiving those!

On a side note, my bracket is still in decent shape for March Madness.  I have two of the final four teams (Kentucky and Ohio State), and I'll be cashing in if they meet up in the championship game!


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