Man, it has been a crazy week and a half or so.  I'm working 10+ hour days, six days a week, which has left virtually no time to look for cards for my Justin Duchscherer collection.  I still check a few of the major sites each night for about five minutes, but that is about it.  It's been virtually a full month since my last Duchscherer mailday.  I am definitely itching to add more cards, so much so that I have considered obtaining duplicates (I only keep one of each card right now).  Still, I don't pull the trigger on acquiring duplicates because I'd rather spend that money on other collections.

I did receive an awesome surprise today, courtesy of my friend, Erik!  I came home from another long day of work and found that familiar golden envelope waiting for me on the kitchen table.  Lo and behold, Erik had gone by his local card shop and came across some Rickey Henderson cards for my collection!  He's a thoughtful friend and he always tells me, "Don't thank me.  Don't send me cards."  Ha.  I am definitely looking to return the favor when the TriStar Show arrives in April.  Thanks, Erik!


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