For the first time I can remember, I have no further leads on any Justin Duchscherer cards.  I am down to only 16 cards remaining to complete my non-1/1 checklist, so the pickings are pretty slim at this point.  I know of two eBay purchases made in the late summer of 2011 involving cards I don't have, but one individual has not responded and the other cannot find the card (despite that card being a 1/1).  I knew I would eventually hit a wall on my leads, but this is harder than I thought it would be.  I have had other moments (found in my past blog postings) when I did not know when my next Justin Duchscherer mailday would occur, but I always had a lead or two.

I did hear back from the Oakland A's regarding my inquiry as to whether they had any extra sets of the 2004 Plumber's Union and the 2005 A's Issue team sets.  Unfortunately, they do not have either of those sets.  They did, howver, send me a cool little grab-bag of player postcards and 2006/2007 A's team issue set cards.  That was a very nice gesture on their part.  I have an email currently out to Topps to see if they have any 2011 1/1 cards that were sent back as part of the Topps scavenger hunt.  I know one buyer sent his Justin Duchscherer 2011 Topps Printing Plate in, so I am hopeful Topps still has it.

In the meantime, I am keeping myself busy with other card collections.  I finished my inventory of current set cards.  I'll be purchasing a few more set base cards over the coming months to fill out my 2011 Heritage and 2011 Topps Tier One sets.  I will also be purchasing the 2011 Topps Update, Bowman Chrome Prospects 111-220, and Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects 1-110 sets over the coming months.  That will complete my 2011 set run.  I briefly considered making a run at ALL 2011 sets (base sets only), but I ran the calculations and it would just be too expensive.  Maybe down the road one day, but right now I am enjoying working on my Pete Maravich and Rickey Henderson player collections, and my 1951 Bowman collection.


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