I received a totally unexpected, and totally awesome, surprise in the mail a few days ago!  My buddy, Erik ("Keyser Soze" on FCB and Beckett), had sent me some 1951 Bowman cards for my set a few weeks ago, which was an amazing gesture.  He then went out of his way again to surprise me with a Duchscherer mailday.  I received an envelope from him and was puzzled as to what it could be.  I opened it up, and it was the "Duke" ... literally!  You can see the card he sent here.  I have never seen the 2004 Leaf autograph with that inscription.  It looks awesome, and I am so excited to have that card as part of my collection.  Thanks, Erik!

As for the latest Justin Duchscherer purchase, I just won an eBay auction for the Justin Duchscherer 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Bazooka Back /25!  That was one of the 17 cards left on my hit list.  I can't wait to receive that card.  It will bring my total to 205/221.  That is a crazy-high percentage of Justin Duchscherer's non-1/1 cards.  I swear, every time I think it will be awhile until my next Duchscherer mailday, a card or two just happen to surface.  I must be the luckiest player collector around.

I've been taking it easy on the card purchases this month after a bit of a spending spree in December 2011 and January 2012.  Plus, the Tri-Star show will be coming to San Francisco in April, and I want to make sure I have some funds available for that trip.  I am currently moving my sets into binders, and they look fantastic.  A nice member of FreedomCardboard provided me with a sweet label template to use for the binder spine.  It looks very professional.  I anticipate a few more purchases for my sets this month, but who knows?  There may even be another Justin Duchscherer card that pops up! 


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