Fantastic news!  One of the individuals with whom I have been negotiating over the past few months has accepted my offer and might come through BIG for my Justin Duchscherer collection.  He has twelve (12!) of the 28 cards remaining for my non-1/1 collection.  Crazy!  I just sent out payment a few days ago, so I'm hoping to have the cards in hand late next week or so.  I can't wait!  I couldn't be more excited about this development.  If it comes through like it should, it would be my greatest mailday ever.

As everyone knows, when it rains, it pours!  I recently posted a "want ad" on eBay that might have paid off.  I was contacted by a couple of individuals regarding Justin Duchscherer cards on my list.  Just a few days ago, I won the Justin Duchscherer 2005 Topps Magenta Printing Plate 1/1!  I'm excited to add another printing plate to the collection.  I'll post a scan when it arrives.  Further, another card I need for my non-1/1 collection has been posted on eBay!  I hope to win that card in the coming days, too.  I just can't believe that I may be adding 14 new cards to my Justin Duchscherer collection over the next 7-10 days.  Just when I thought my leads had dried up, my patience was rewarded!

I also had my first 1951 Bowman mailday courtesy of my friend Erik ("Keysey Soze" on FreedomCardboard)!  He surprised me with a few pickups from the Houston Tri-Star show last weekend.  You can see the lot I received from him here.  I also purchased another lot of 1951 Bowman cards on eBay.  I now have 24 of the 324 cards in the set.  They are beautiful cards, and it is going to be a blast putting that set together over the coming years!  Here are some pics of my 1951 Bowman collection ( #1   #2   #3   #4 ).  I should be shipping some cards from CheckOutMyCards shortly, so I'll have some cards to inventory while I take it a little easier next month.  What an amazing end to January!


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