A big thanks goes out to "pgcards23" (eBay) for contacting me regarding the Justin Duchscherer 2009 Bowman Chrome Yellow Printing Plate 1/1!  The printing plate arrived today, and it is another fantastic addition to the collection.  You can view it here.  It's always a great day when you can add a 1/1 to the personal collection.  I have also uploaded a scan of the Justin Duchscherer 2007 Sacramento River Cats Alumni card.  That is a cool card with Justin Duchscherer front and center.  You can view it here

Well, that will probably wrap it up for 2011.  What an amazing year for me: personally, professionally, and through my additions to my Justin Duchscherer collection.  I am now a mere twenty-eight (28) cards away (193/221) from completing my Justin Duchscherer non-1/1 collection.  I'd love to continue chipping away at the same rate as the last month or two, with a card or two here and there trickling in.  Hopefully, I'll be able to land a couple of my Justin Duchscherer "white whales" (like the 2009 Topps Triple Threads Dual Patch Logoman 1/1 pictured here), too.

As for other collection goals in 2012, I believe I'll be able to wrap up my Pete Maravich Topps run in PSA 8.  I'd also like to find a group PSA submission to send in the last three cards for my Rickey Henderson Topps run in PSA 8 or higher.  I'm also looking to start moving more into vintage cards, starting with a Sandy Koufax Topps run in PSA 6.  That should be a fun set to put together, but I'll have to really save up for Koufax's rookie card (like I did for my Pete Maravich rookie card). 

I hope everyone had an awesome 2011, and here is to an even better 2012! 


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