Special thanks goes to "Tomz1", a member of SportsCardFun.com, for the new addition to my Justin Duchscherer collection!  Yesterday, I received in the mail the Justin Duchscherer 2004 SP Authentic USA Signatures #4 /50.  The scan has been uploaded to the website.  You can check out the card here.  That completes my entire 2004 Team USA print run for Justin Duchscherer, and brings my current non-1/1 card total to 192/221 (86.88%)!  Just 29 cards to go, and one of those cards (the 2007 Sacramento River Cats card) should be in hand in the next week or two. 

I'm still pursuing a few leads regarding Justin Duchscherer cards that I have not yet acquired, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they pan out in the coming weeks.  It would be awesome to knock out a few more cards over the holidays.  In the meantime, I have expanded my Pete Maravich collection, including my basic Topps PSA 8 run (1970-1980).  I picked up a very nice 1971 Topps # 55 PSA 8 to add to the collection.  You can view that card here.  I also received a number of Manny Pacquiao Allen & Ginter cards, including a Glossy version /999, a code card, and a sweet base card in PSA 10!  These are fun side projects to work on while I search for more Justin Duchscherer cards.

TIme has been a little short the last few weeks, but I still keep up with my basic searches.  I'm still holding out hope that Santa will have that 2009 Topps Triple Thread Dual Patch Logoman 1/1 wrapped up under the Christmas tree for me!


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