I had a fantastic Duchscherer mailday today courtesy of Dave at minorleaguesingles.com!  He had four of the older Duchscherer minor league cards that I have been wanting to add to the collection for some time now.  Today, I received the following: 1998 Michigan Battle Cats, 1999 Sarasota Red Sox, 2000 Trenton Thunder, and 2001 Trenton Thunder.  It was hard enough finding these team sets, let alone the individual cards I needed for my collection. 

That brings the grand total to 190/221 (85.97%) of non-1/1 Justin Duchscherer cards.  As I placed the four new cards into the collection and updated my list at the various forums in which I participate, I did a double-take at how short the remaining list looks.  Finding the remaining 31 cards feels like climbing a huge mountain due to the time and effort I have put in to acquiring the first 190 cards, but I look at the list and, visually, it is so short.  It is actually a confidence boost, like a runner catching a second wind.

 I thought my previous mailday would be my last for awhile, but this mailday truly feels like hitting the proverbial wall.  I have to admit that I am already jonesing a little bit for the next mailday.  I have a couple other side collections and there are cards available right now.  However, those cards are not going anywhere, so I tell myself to just relax and wait until the end of the month so I can properly budget those cards into the collection.  It is hard, though, reading all the various forum posts regarding the new Topps Tier One release.  I would love to add a Manny Pacquiao autograph card to my collection.  The Allen & Ginter auto was out of my price range and I was not a huge fan of the picture Topps used for the release of Marquee and Triple Threads.  I want an "action shot", and Tier One delivers the goods.  I just need to be patient and wait for his autos to flood eBay and the prices to come down a bit.

The Hot Stove rumors are starting to heat up, and I am hoping that Justin Duchscherer is healthy and finds a rotation spot for 2012.  Who knows?  If he came out and threw a perfect game in his first start of 2012 (preferably in his return to the Oakland Athletics), maybe some of those old, rare cards of his will find their way onto eBay! 


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