There has not been much progress in the last week on the Justin Duchscherer collection.  I will be shipping my card inventory on CheckOutMyCards this weekend, so the 2009 Upper Deck Gold #795 should be in hand next week.  I have also been grabbing as many cheap Manny Pacquiao base cards as I can find in order to sell a large lot on eBay at (hopefully) a nice profit.

I did finally hear back from the individual with the Justin Duchscherer 2009 Topps Triple Threads Dual Patch Logoman 1/1 this week.  He says he is "still looking for it", despite the fact that we first made contact two months ago.  However, he did expound on his previous email by saying that he expects to find it in the coming weeks.  I told him I'd pay a premium for it if I could get it before Christmas in the hopes that it will give him an incentive to find that card a little faster. 

I also made further contact with an individual who has a large number of Justin Duchscherer cards.  I am excited about the prospects because he most likely has at least several cards on my non-1/1 hit list.  Hopefully, we can work out a sale or trade once he has inventoried his collection.  The search continues!


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