Another awesome mailday for the Justin Duchscherer collection!  Today, I received the 2009 Topps Triple Threads All Star Triple Patch #6/9.  It looks fantastic.  A scan has been uploaded to the 2009 page.  A big thank you to "CollectorsCorner" on Freedom Cardboard for seeking me out with that beauty!  Even though I technically already filled the "2009 TTT All Star /9" spot on my want list, I love adding the others from that set because each patch is so beautiful and unique that they are not duplicates in my eyes.  I'm still holding out hope that my contact with the Justin Duchscherer Logoman 1/1 will contact me back.

I have picked up a few more cards on Check Out My Cards (COMC) for some of my side collections.  A couple Manny Pacquiao Allen & Ginter cards (which will be flipped as part of a large lot on eBay shortly), a Kobe Bryant 2005 SP Authentic PSA 10 (part of my basic Kobe run of SP Authentic PSA 10's), and a couple 1981 cards for my Rickey Henderson collection.  I'll probably have them all shipped out (along with my Duchscherer 2009 Upper Deck Gold /99) by the end of the month.  COMC is rather addicting, though.  I always seem to find a reason to add a couple more cards to my order.

As always, working on my Justin Duchscherer collection is a blast.  I continue to check all the usual spots each morning and night just in case something awesome pops up, and I continue to update my posts on the various message boards.  It paid off big with the addition of the new 2009 Topps Triple Thread All Star Patch #6/9! 


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