Whenever I start to doubt the occurrence of the next mailday, i am always surprised with something cool for my Duchscherer collection.  Today, I got an email from my friend, Erik, that somebody was looking for the "Duchscherer Collector" on Freedom Cardboard.  I had a message waiting for me from "CollectorsCorner", owner of: www.collectorscornersportscards.com         He had a 2009 Topps Triple Threads All Star Patch /9!  What a beautiful patch.  I already have one of those cards, so it does not count towards my 100 non-1/1 goal.  However, it is not a duplicate because each patch is unique and awesome.  We worked out a quick payment and the card is on its way to me.  I'll have a scan up on the website upon arrival.

The ground work is still paying off, as evidenced by this recent find.  I guess as long as I stay vigilant and active, the cards will slowly trickle in.  Two or three times a week, I bump up my want list to the top of the board on a few different sites.  With the birth of my daughter a few months ago, I have really scaled back the hardcore searching.  Still, I make sure to do the cursory checks each day and I do believe I'll get to 100% one day. 

I haven't heard back in a few weeks from several contacts that I have made.  One eBay member was the last known buyer of the 2009 Topps Triple Threads Logoman 1/1.  That is one card that I would absolutely love to add to the collection!  Unfortuntely, my eBay contact has not responded in about six weeks.  I'm hopeful that at least a couple of my contacts will come through with some awesome Duchscherer cards for the collection!


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