There has not been much progress in the last week on the Justin Duchscherer collection.  I will be shipping my card inventory on CheckOutMyCards this weekend, so the 2009 Upper Deck Gold #795 should be in hand next week.  I have also been grabbing as many cheap Manny Pacquiao base cards as I can find in order to sell a large lot on eBay at (hopefully) a nice profit.

I did finally hear back from the individual with the Justin Duchscherer 2009 Topps Triple Threads Dual Patch Logoman 1/1 this week.  He says he is "still looking for it", despite the fact that we first made contact two months ago.  However, he did expound on his previous email by saying that he expects to find it in the coming weeks.  I told him I'd pay a premium for it if I could get it before Christmas in the hopes that it will give him an incentive to find that card a little faster. 

I also made further contact with an individual who has a large number of Justin Duchscherer cards.  I am excited about the prospects because he most likely has at least several cards on my non-1/1 hit list.  Hopefully, we can work out a sale or trade once he has inventoried his collection.  The search continues!
Another awesome mailday for the Justin Duchscherer collection!  Today, I received the 2009 Topps Triple Threads All Star Triple Patch #6/9.  It looks fantastic.  A scan has been uploaded to the 2009 page.  A big thank you to "CollectorsCorner" on Freedom Cardboard for seeking me out with that beauty!  Even though I technically already filled the "2009 TTT All Star /9" spot on my want list, I love adding the others from that set because each patch is so beautiful and unique that they are not duplicates in my eyes.  I'm still holding out hope that my contact with the Justin Duchscherer Logoman 1/1 will contact me back.

I have picked up a few more cards on Check Out My Cards (COMC) for some of my side collections.  A couple Manny Pacquiao Allen & Ginter cards (which will be flipped as part of a large lot on eBay shortly), a Kobe Bryant 2005 SP Authentic PSA 10 (part of my basic Kobe run of SP Authentic PSA 10's), and a couple 1981 cards for my Rickey Henderson collection.  I'll probably have them all shipped out (along with my Duchscherer 2009 Upper Deck Gold /99) by the end of the month.  COMC is rather addicting, though.  I always seem to find a reason to add a couple more cards to my order.

As always, working on my Justin Duchscherer collection is a blast.  I continue to check all the usual spots each morning and night just in case something awesome pops up, and I continue to update my posts on the various message boards.  It paid off big with the addition of the new 2009 Topps Triple Thread All Star Patch #6/9! 
Luck strikes again!  I jumped on CheckOutMyCards (COMC) to see if any new Duchscherer items had been listed and, lo and behold, the 2009 Upper Deck #795 Gold /99 was up there!  I quickly used my store credit to buy that card.  It is sitting in my online inventory, and I am debating whether to ship it out now or wait to purchase more cards to combine shipping.  I'd love to get the card in hand, but I'll probably wait a couple weeks to add some cards to the order.  There are a few Pete Maravich cards I will probably snatch up in the coming days.

The 2009 Upper Deck #795 Gold /99 brings my total to 191 of 221 non-1/1 cards!  I only update the actual counter, though, when I have the card in hand.  I don't want to jinx it, of course.  It's crazy that I'm already down to just 30 cards remaining.  Hopefully, this lucky streak continues and I can snatch up a few more before the end of the year.  My personal goal is to get to 90% (199 total) by next summer, so I'm hoping to stumble across one or two Duchscherer cards per month.

I'm still trying to make headway on the 2009 Topps Triple Threads (TTT) Logoman 1/1, along with a 2009 Topps Allen & GInter Mini Bazooka /25 and Mini No-Number /50 that I have found.  Still no response from those individuals, though.  The A&G cards may be hard to get due to the popularity of the set with the hardcore A&G collectors.  I'll get a scan up of the COMC card upon arrival.  I expect the 2009 TTT All-Star Patch card to be in hand by the weekend.  That will be an awesome mailday!
Whenever I start to doubt the occurrence of the next mailday, i am always surprised with something cool for my Duchscherer collection.  Today, I got an email from my friend, Erik, that somebody was looking for the "Duchscherer Collector" on Freedom Cardboard.  I had a message waiting for me from "CollectorsCorner", owner of:         He had a 2009 Topps Triple Threads All Star Patch /9!  What a beautiful patch.  I already have one of those cards, so it does not count towards my 100 non-1/1 goal.  However, it is not a duplicate because each patch is unique and awesome.  We worked out a quick payment and the card is on its way to me.  I'll have a scan up on the website upon arrival.

The ground work is still paying off, as evidenced by this recent find.  I guess as long as I stay vigilant and active, the cards will slowly trickle in.  Two or three times a week, I bump up my want list to the top of the board on a few different sites.  With the birth of my daughter a few months ago, I have really scaled back the hardcore searching.  Still, I make sure to do the cursory checks each day and I do believe I'll get to 100% one day. 

I haven't heard back in a few weeks from several contacts that I have made.  One eBay member was the last known buyer of the 2009 Topps Triple Threads Logoman 1/1.  That is one card that I would absolutely love to add to the collection!  Unfortuntely, my eBay contact has not responded in about six weeks.  I'm hopeful that at least a couple of my contacts will come through with some awesome Duchscherer cards for the collection!
I had a fantastic Duchscherer mailday today courtesy of Dave at!  He had four of the older Duchscherer minor league cards that I have been wanting to add to the collection for some time now.  Today, I received the following: 1998 Michigan Battle Cats, 1999 Sarasota Red Sox, 2000 Trenton Thunder, and 2001 Trenton Thunder.  It was hard enough finding these team sets, let alone the individual cards I needed for my collection. 

That brings the grand total to 190/221 (85.97%) of non-1/1 Justin Duchscherer cards.  As I placed the four new cards into the collection and updated my list at the various forums in which I participate, I did a double-take at how short the remaining list looks.  Finding the remaining 31 cards feels like climbing a huge mountain due to the time and effort I have put in to acquiring the first 190 cards, but I look at the list and, visually, it is so short.  It is actually a confidence boost, like a runner catching a second wind.

 I thought my previous mailday would be my last for awhile, but this mailday truly feels like hitting the proverbial wall.  I have to admit that I am already jonesing a little bit for the next mailday.  I have a couple other side collections and there are cards available right now.  However, those cards are not going anywhere, so I tell myself to just relax and wait until the end of the month so I can properly budget those cards into the collection.  It is hard, though, reading all the various forum posts regarding the new Topps Tier One release.  I would love to add a Manny Pacquiao autograph card to my collection.  The Allen & Ginter auto was out of my price range and I was not a huge fan of the picture Topps used for the release of Marquee and Triple Threads.  I want an "action shot", and Tier One delivers the goods.  I just need to be patient and wait for his autos to flood eBay and the prices to come down a bit.

The Hot Stove rumors are starting to heat up, and I am hoping that Justin Duchscherer is healthy and finds a rotation spot for 2012.  Who knows?  If he came out and threw a perfect game in his first start of 2012 (preferably in his return to the Oakland Athletics), maybe some of those old, rare cards of his will find their way onto eBay! 
It looks like the next Duchscherer mailday will come a lot sooner than I originally expected!  I received a reply email from an individual who specializes in minor league singles.  I originally sent him a list of the five total Duchscherer minor league cards that I had not yet acquired.  He informed me that he has four (4!) of the Duchscherer minor league cards that I need for my collection!  He did tell me, though, that one of the cards is "damaged", so I am receiving that card for free.  I did not inquire into the extent of the "damage", but I can always attempt to replace the card at a later date if it is in very poor condition.  Just having the card in the collection is enough for me at this juncture.  I asked him not to tell me which four cards he was sending, so it would be a surprise (ha!).

I do not know if I will continue to get as lucky as I have been lately in acquiring cards for my Duchscherer collection, but I also believe that the groundwork I have been putting in (contacts with dealers, collectors, websites, etc.) has paid off and will continue to pay off.  I still have a couple irons in the fire, so I'm hopeful that a few more maildays will be in the near future.  I've taken a bit of a breather from the heavy duty searching as I have exhausted most online outlets.  For the time being, I am cutting back the searches to just the main avenues: eBay, Beckett, COMC, sportlots, sportsbuy, etc.  It only takes 15-20 minutes a night to see if anything new has popped up on those sites.
Well, my man Richard came through on the trade!  Four Duchscherer cards arrived in the mail.  2008 Topps Update Black, 2009 Topps Black, and my first two printing plates - 2009 Bowman Magenta 1/1 and 2009 Topps Yellow 1/1!  All four cards (I guess printing plates aren't really "cards", but we'll go with it) were scanned in and uploaded to the website.  It's nice to finally have a couple printing plates in the personal collection.  They're definitely not as cool as a 1/1 card, but they are unique and an awesome addition.

Unfortunately, the maildays could be few and far between at this point.  But, that is the point of having long-term collection goals.  I am up to 186/221 (84.16%) of non-1/1 cards.  Only 35 more Duchscherer cards to go!  I can't believe how far my collection has progressed since April.  I have probably acquired upwards of 150 different Duchscherer cards in that timeframe.  Perhaps I'm naive (or overly optimistic), but I believe that I will complete this collection one day.  I still have a decent number of cards left that are numbered to 25 or greater (22 out of 35, by my quick count), so I expect those to pop up here and there.  I think the hardest cards to come across will be the 2002 Chicago National cards.  Duchscherer had several of those cards numbered to 5 or less, but it's been close to 10 years since they were released and the odds of them popping up are rather slim.

I still haven't received any responses to my latest round of inquiries.  Of course, most of these inquiries are just sent blindly to individuals who bought some Duchscherer cards a few years ago, so the odds of success are low.  However, I have been able to snatch up a dozen or so cards by finding old buyers and shooting them a quick note asking if they still have the card they purchased a few years back.  Of course, I end up paying a premium for these offline transactions, but it is worth it.  My Duchscherer collection will never be traded away or sold, so the price is not the end all be all.

I am on a bit of budget these days, but my collection is branching out a bit now that the Duchscherer cards are drying up.  I am working on a Pete Maravich collection, and I was able to sell off some cards to purchase his 1970 Topps #123 RC graded PSA 8!  It's one of my favorite cards and I am very excited to add it to my collection.  You can take a peek at it here.  Well, time to find some more long lost Duchscherer cards!
I got home from work today and found two bubble-wrap envelopes waiting for me on the kitchen table.  I always get excited to see that cards have arrived.  The two envelopes contained the 2009 Bowman Red Unnumbered Parallel and the 2009 Topps Silk /50!  I scanned them in and uploaded the images to the website.  I was a little surprised that the Topps Silk card is a small piece of silk that sits unsecured within the card.  It's like looking into a window and watching it shift around.  Kind of cool, actually.

The arrival of those two cards bring my total up to 184 out of 221 non-1/1 Justin Duchscherer cards.  I have two more non-1/1's that should arrive in the next couple days.  However, the maildays will be few and far between from here on out.  There aren't many cards left on my list (35 total after the two in the mail arrive), and most are numbered to 10 or less.  It's getting to be tough sledding as far as tracking down a lot of the remaining cards.

I have made contact with several other individuals regarding rare Duchscherer cards.  Through different search engines, I have found some eBay buyers of rare Duchscherer cards as far back as 2008.  However, most of my messages go unanswered.  Most of those cards are 1/1's because those pop up most often in the Google search.  While they would make awesome additions to the collection, they don't bring me closer to my goal of collecting every non-1/1.

I have made one very interesting connection that I hope turns out to be a fruitful deal/relationship, but I'll have to wait and see how that develops.  From here on out, I'm going to need to stay vigilant and get lucky to pick off the remaining cards on my list.