Over the last few weeks, I have managed to pick up a few more Justin Duchscherer short-printed cards: 2005 Topps Chrome Xfractor /25, 2004 Leaf Gold Press Proof /25, and 2009 Bowman Chrome Gold Ref /50.  Picking up these types of Duchscherer cards keeps my interest until the next big find comes along.

The bigger news is that I finally decided to clean out my old closet at my parents' house, and I stumbled upon a mini treasure trove of sports memorabilia and cards!  First, and foremost, I came across an old Santa Clara University basketball jersey that Steve Nash signed for me (back when I was in 8th grade)!  A family friend was in a study group with Steve Nash and got him to sign this jersey for me as a birthday present.  A definite centerpiece to my collection!

Next up was a group of signed basketballs and footballs that I had received as gifts during my earlier years.  Here is a picture of the items on a shelf in my closet.  The upper-left basketball is signed by Jerry West, although it is slightly faded.  The lower-left basketball is signed by Jason Kidd and inscribed "ROY 95"!  The red-and-white mini football is signed by Joe Montana.  The yellow-and-blue mini football is signed by Steve Young.  The full-size NFL football is signed by my father's favorite player, Bernie Kosar (my father grew up in Cleveland and is a die-hard Browns fan)!

The third picture, here, is a Santa Clara University game program signed by Steve Nash, and an autographed 8 x 10 signed by Kobe Bryant during his rookie season!  The fourth picture, here, is a number of Oakland Athletics bobbleheads my brother and I have collected over the years.  This photo also shows several signed OMLB in the background, including Tim Salmon (went with my grandfather to a signing in 1994, back when he was a star), Orel Hershiser, Dave Stewart, and Justin Duchscherer!

Last, but definitely not least, is this fifth picture, which shows various cards that I retrieved from the bins in my old room.  Across the top are five 1986 Topps Update rookie cards featuring Will Clark, Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, Bo Jackson, and Jose Canseco.  The middle row consists of a 1999 Topps certified auto of Dan Marino, a Joe Montana IP auto, and three Santa Clara University basketball pocket schedules signed by Steve Nash!  The bottom row is two rookie cards of Kobe Bryant.

All in all, it was quite an amazing day of "pickups"!  Looks like I need to start working on my wife to allow me to set up the spare bedroom as a man-cave!