Time to update the blog again.  I have picked up two Justin Duchscherer 1/1 cards in the last couple months!  The first was the 2011 Topps Magenta Printing Plate!  You can view that printing plate here.  I had contacted the seller sometime last year, and he could not find the Duchscherer Magenta plate at that time. Fast forward a year, and it appears on eBay and makes its way into my collection!  I also picked up the 2009 Topps Vault Blank Back #285 1/1!  You can view it here and here.  Topps releases these blank back cards every once in awhile, and it is the first Duchscherer blank back that has popped up.  Again, another fantastic 1/1 added to the collection.

As for non-1/1 Duchscherer pickups, I have continued to pickup short-printed copies of Duchscherer cards (numbered to 60 or less).  It is a great way to keep my interest going while I try to locate the remaining 15 cards needed to complete the non-1/1 collection.  I have picked up copies of Duchscherer's 2009 Bowman Chrome Orange and Gold Refractors, 2011 Topps Black, 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Patches, etc.  I also found three more Duchscherer cards to add to the non-1/1 list!  They are the APBA cards, which is a game similar to Strat-O-Matic.  I picked up the 2005, 2006, and 2008 APBA Justin Duchscherer cards, which are fun additions to my collection.  Another cool find was a 2001 Arizona Fall League schedule for the Peoria Javelinas signed by Justin Duchscherer!  You can see the schedule here.  I love it because it is so unique.

The main non-Duchscherer pickup was a Manny Pacquiao 2011 Allen & GInter mini no-number /50!  You can view the back of that card here.  That leaves only the Silk /10 to complete my Pacquiao A&G collection (outside of the prohibitively expensive red autographs /10, printing plates /1, and mini wood /1).  I would love to extend my Pacquiao card collection to Topps Triple Threads and Topps Marquee, but the autographs are quite expensive.  Hopefully, those card prices will decrease when he retires (or loses again).

Until next time!